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Feeling pressured to compromise on your benefits strategy because of rising costs, fewer choices and constantly-changing compliance requirements?


At Benefits Exchange Northwest (BEN) we get it.


BenEnroll™ was built specifically to remove these challenges for small and mid-sized companies. Through our combination of advanced technology and hi-touch service, we are able to deliver a breadth of offerings that simplify benefits administration and control costs, while providing more choices to fit the needs of your company, as well as your people.


Our powerful HRIS system can save you time and improve the accuracy of your employees’ details. From certifications and job-related awards to company assets such as keys, laptops and cell phones they may hold, easily track and manage all your human-resource data in one place.


With our integrated payroll solutions, you never have to worry about duplicate entries or missing a change. Our platform utilizes the data from your benefits, rates and paycheck deductions program to automatically update your payroll system for greater efficiency and accuracy.


Not all health care accounts are created equal. That's why you need an experienced, trusted adviser to help you understand the differences, so you can choose the plan and corresponding account that best fits the individual needs of your company.


Although COBRA's purpose is straightforward, its administration can be complex and cumbersome, making it difficult to stay compliant. Our certified specialists have the knowledge and experience to navigate the legal requirements and help you avoid costly mistakes.


With the defined contribution model, you can eliminate the heavy time burden of benefits administration by determining a simple “benefit allowance” for your employees. This approach empowers them with the freedom to shop in the benefits marketplace and buy the coverage that’s right for them.


Our extended portfolio of dental and vision-care services offers plans that meet your requirements and include a robust network of top providers. We can quote these products as employer-paid or on a voluntary basis.


ACA Reporting doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. Ensuring compliance through our platform’s reporting tool is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

We can also take the work off your plate by handling the setup and build of your ACA data.


Provide peace of mind to your employees and their families in the event of an unexpected event. Whether employer or employee-paid, we can customize disability income and life insurance plans that help protect your employees and their loved ones.


From identity-theft protection and work-site products to tele-medicine, we provide a range of additional services that are right for your company. We can also help with other HR solutions, such as compliance, employee life-cycle management, training and development through our partnership with OmniaHR.

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