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Idaho Chamber Select (ICS) is a enrollment platform powered by Benefits Exchange Northwest. ICS brings the employer-based benefits market a simple, convenient, and smart solution to maintaining group coverage. Employers are offered a choice of top medical, dental, vision, and ancillary carriers, who have pre-packaged consumer-focused products, that employees can purchase through a defined contribution model. This product is available to our chamber select partners and agents

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At Idaho Chamber Select, we understand talent and time are the lifeblood of today’s successful business. You need a Custom Benefits Store that allows you to attract and retain the talent you need — and gets you out of the benefits business, so you can focus on your business! With an integrated and defined contribution strategy, employers set their budget and contribution amounts, pick the carrier partners that best meet their access and breadth-of-product needs, and turn the power over to their employees who can make the selections that work for them. Each employee will customize their own benefit portfolio from a wide range of options offered by your chosen carriers. Employers find that not only are their lives easier, but their work force is more satisfied in being given the power to choose.


Idaho Chamber Select Custom Benefits Store was designed for you!  Idaho Chamber Select has created an employer-based storefront that offers you the opportunity to take control of your own health, wealth, and well-being by putting the shopping power in your hands.  Each employee has different benefits needs, so why should your health insurance plan be a one-size-fits-all? By partnering with medical carriers that offer a broad network of physicians, best in care-management support, and award-winning customer satisfaction, you are engaging in a relationship with a health care partner, not simply a big insurance company.  Plus, you’ll have a wide range of additional voluntary options that will supplement your coverage levels and income protection, giving you the ability to spend your company’s benefits dollars to meet your needs on a yearly basis.


Chambers from across the state have an opportunity to provide a value-added service to their chamber members by endorsing and promoting the Idaho Chamber Select Custom Benefits Store. In addition, chambers will benefit by earning non-dues revenue through shared administration fees generated by the ICS platform. The monthly revenue stream is based on a per member enrolled formula and is designed to compensate your chamber for the marketing assistance your endorsement will mean to the success of the program. The fees are a great way to create ongoing non-dues revenue to help support other chamber programs.


As part of Idaho Chamber Select, we take the guesswork out of flexible-spending purchases by offering an online store with the largest selection of FSA-eligible products.

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